Who We Are

All Children Included is a CDA licensed not-for-profit group of professionals and parents-SEND Specialists, Physios, Speech-Language and Occupational Therapists, Psychologists, Doctors, Counsellors, Managers of Wellness Clinics and Healthcare Provider Units and more - advocating for and supporting parents of children of Determination.
We draw from our diverse experience and skillsets to provide help for parents to get the very best advice about caring for and educating their children, host professional events and talks, and support the vision of the UAE for all children to have equal opportunity. 

All Children Included extends its mission and activities through the following groups

ADHD Parent Support group

IncludeME school-based parent support group 

ACI-CDA Youth Council Initiative  


Upcoming Events

  • Selective Mutism
    Time is TBD
    Time is TBD
    Dubai, Dubai - United Arab Emirates
    Come and learn more about selective mutism disorder and how to support children affected by it.
  • FREE ACI Summer Activity Club
    Sun, 12 Jul
    Online event
    12 Jul 2020, 10:00 – 13 Aug 2020, 19:00
    Online event
    Due to the need for social distancing many of us are not travelling this year. Many activities are also unavailable because it is too hot to take part in them. This is why we have put together an inclusive online club which will give children of all ages and abilities an opportunity to take part.
  • Assistive Technology to the rescue
    Wed, 12 Feb
    Dubai British School
    12 Feb 2020, 08:30 – 10:00
    Dubai British School, Springs 3 - Emirates Hills (Behind Spinneys/Springs Town Centre) - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
    Learn how use of Assistive Technology can empower students with learning challenges to increase their overall capacity to learn and access learning material, accomplish specific tasks, and overall improve academic success and joy of learning.
  • Understand your child's IEP
    Wed, 05 Feb
    Al Salam Private School
    05 Feb 2020, 08:00 – 09:00 GMT+4
    Al Salam Private School , Al Nahda 2, Al Ghusais, Dubai
    This will be a hands-on learning experience that allows families to better understand their own child’s IEP (Individual Educational Plan). We will go through terminology, details and information included on an IEP, the IEP process and the role a parent has in the development of the IEP.

Every child.One voice.


What We Do

Kindness, Acceptance and Inclusion for a Better World

Parent Support and Consultation

  • Personal connection with ACI members who can help and advise

  • Access network of ACI members who can connect and/or refer to appropriate professionals

  • ACI members advocate for families, where school meetings and negotiating best placements for their child may be challenging for them.

  • Provide reliable, science-based support and information to help parents choose the most effective interventions and care 

  • Connect with other parents who can provide emotional and social support, a deeper sense of understanding, and share their knowledge and experience

  • Open house sessions led and moderated by ACI members  aiming to spread awareness and promote the best educational and social inclusion practices 

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Promote Educational, Employment, and Social Inclusion

  • Provide training and mentoring for teachers, learning support assistants and other staff in schools

  • Provide support for teachers in curriculum modification and full inclusion of all children 

  • Educate families regarding government benefits and activities for people of determination 

  • Access to a directory of the specialist who can provide services and activities for families and their children

  • Educate business owners and encourage them to provide opportunities for work experience, training and sheltered employment for people of determination

Organize and Facilitate Support Groups 

  • Connect with pediatricians and specialists to support families 

  • Provide evidence-based resources

  • Meetings, talks, focus groups that educate and empower parent  


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Diversity is a fact. Inclusion is an act.